CBD and Sickle cell Disease

Over the last several decades people have frowned upon anything or anyone associated with the cannabis sativa plant. If we investigated the long history of the Hemp plant we would find that it was used daily both commercially and agriculturally. Due to the Misconceptions about THC and CBD, many patients have been robbed of the opportunity to use natural remedies to relieve their ailments and symptoms. Today, science has managed to isolate the medicinal component from Hemp and doctors are discovering that there are numerous ailments that Hemp CBD can assist with. One of the sicknesses that have been widely researched is sickle cell anemia which is a disorder of the red blood cells that affects over 70,000 patients in the United States every year.

People who suffer from this disease have an abnormal and insufficient supply of oxygen to body tissues because the oxygen carrying red blood cells have a limiting sickle shape. Due to lack of oxygen major functions of the cells are delayed and are manifested through stunted growth, frequent infections, and swelling of the limbs. When the effects of oxygen deprivation are severe, the patient has a problem with vision, develops pulmonary hypertension and could die due to organ failure and stroke. While the physiological limitations of this abnormality cause the body to function below its capacity, what is of even greater concern is the pain associated when body tissues and muscles are cramping.

Studies into the possibility of CBD offering relief to sickle cell patients is aimed at reducing the pain that arises due to the said conditions and preventing infection associated with lack of sufficient oxygen to fuel cell activity. This discovery is a major step in an effort to improve the quality of life for people with the chronic ailment. With more studies, scientists are optimistic that the effect of CBD on red blood cells will help bring relief to those suffering from the painful effects of sickle cell .

Sickle cell patients have reported pain relief when taking CBD in the form of edibles and oil tinctures/vapes on a daily basis.  Not only has CBD been reported by those suffering from sickle cell to help with pain but it also has been used to ease depression, suppress anxiety and promote overall well-being.

Several of our customers have sickle cell and have purchased the following products

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